Hi! I am Dimitris, a wedding photographer. I grew up on a west coast suburb near Piraeus, Greece, when we could play football and hide and seek on the streets, with not a worry in the world.


 My grandfather was a professional photographer and taught me all of his secrets about this fantastic art. From a very young age, I had a film camera and started documenting my walks, trips with friends and my family's life. The photographs I have for this era are countless!


 Later on, I fell in love with the idea that I could capture each unique moment and make it last forever; I decided to study photography. After receiving two scholarships and several publications in print and web magazines, I started to work as a photographer. I love natural light, cinematic feeling, and spontaneous clicks.


 For the past few years, I reside in beautiful Thessaloniki with my wife Eve and our black mixed-race Lab Toro. In my spare time I am listening to music, reading, drawing, playing darts, travelling, dog walks and snowboarding.

Moment Chaser

Wedding Storytelling


 In 2014 I was flipping through an old photo album from my family's vacation at my father's village. On this specific vacation, the whole family came together. My father's five brothers, two sisters and my 21 cousins! We spent each day playing, laughing, and having fun with each other. We created joyful moments, and these spontaneous, storytelling images are the meaning of family for me.


 That was the moment that I decided to be a wedding, family and couple storyteller. I wanted to tell stories of people and how they bonded together. So I created "We Are Family" and became a narrator of beautiful family stories. Together we can create memories that will last forever.